Below is a template to write a letter to a manufacturer or artist to ask what sustainable initiatives they have. We’ve drafted a template below. You are welcome to use it word for word or use it as inspiration to get started.

Dear (company/artist name),

I am writing to you in an effort to learn more about [you/company].  The conversation around sustainability has been steadily growing, but usually this involves extremes, including pointing fingers and assigning blame.  Sustainability is also a topic that is fairly daunting, and can elicit extreme opinions. As a maker, I prefer the approach of collaboration and conversation. 

I am interested in learning about what people and companies are already doing.  If possible, could share what sustainability steps or practices [you/company name] have incorporated? 

As a maker, I love fabric, patterns, craft supplies, etc.  but I am deeply concerned about the trajectory of our environment and want to build support and awareness of companies/artists making earth friendly decisions.  

I look forward to to learning what you are doing to be more environmentally aware.  And, if sustainability objectives are not a part of your current [operations/creative process], then would you be open to beginning a dialogue on the subject? 


Your Name